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My TV Appearance on TechTV's The Screen Savers Show. I was selected to do the cold open for the 26Feb2003 show.
TSS Opening video clip (10.6MB mpeg-1)
TSS Show End video clip (1.5MB mpeg-1)

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Chicken Pi Status



My Audi R8 Experience (27 Oct 2011)

Launch pics 15 July 2006)

Aussie Trip 2006

Wedding Page (broken link)




Mono Lake / Yosemite National Park Trip - 2011

LA Auto Show Nov 2011

LA Trip


B-Day 2013

Hawaii 2004

You might find me here on findu or (or at least my APRS station).

Results of May 2007 Trip

Iomega iConnect User's Manual web stats
other maxentropy stats cp

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NTP site at Univ of Delaware
How Microprocessors Work
Great Processors of the Past & Present
Guide to Aeronautics part of NASA's Glenn Learning Technologies Project