Rocketdyne LR101

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Government Designation: LR101-11. Designer: Rocketdyne. Propellants: Lox/Kerosene Thrust(vac): 540 kgf. Thrust(vac): 5.30 kN. Isp: 246 sec. Isp (sea level): 209 sec. Burn time: 283 sec. Mass Engine: 22 kg. Chambers: 1. Area Ratio: 5.60. Combustion Chamber Materials: 347 CRES austenitic stainless steel. Country: USA. Status: In Production.  LR101-NA-11 at 21.8 kg mass, 4.63/5.30 kN sea level/vac thrust, 209/246 sec sea level/vac Isp, 1.8 mixture ratio, 5.6 expansion ratio(9.8 cm exit diameter), 283 sec Burn Time.

Three main parts


The chamber.  Looking downward through the chamber towards the nozzle.


Injector.  Lox flows through top, kerosene through side holes.


LOX dome


Injector installed on chamber.


The whole engine.


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