Raspberry Pi Projects

Pi Projects

  1. Chicken Pi
  2. COSMAC Pi
  3. Pi Plane
  4. Garage Door
  5. Raspberry Pi 3 Development System
  6. 6 Chicken Pi 2
  7. 7
  8. 8


Chicken Pi

I wanted to automate our chick coop.  Other people have used a variety of micro processors.  I figured a small Linux computer would be a good fit.  I can use cron to schedule tasks like open/close the door, turn on/off the lights, measure temperature & light levels, etc. It operates a linear actuator to open and close the door as well as turn on and off the LED lights inside.†† Thereís a light sensor attached and magnet switches to let me know the position of the door. The state of the light, LEDS, door, etc are recorded every 15 minutes to a log file which gets copied to my NAS.Later I added code to gather my solar panel generation.And when I get to it, Iíll link up my weather station to it.

Here's the finished project

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[Info & pictures about COSMAC Pi.]

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Project #8

[Info & pictures about project #8.]

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