1-500 MHz Frequency Counter 3D Printed Case


I picked up one of the inexpensive LCD frequency counter modules. There’re available from a number of sources like ebay, aliexpress, Amazon, etc. for less than $15.





Here’s the link to the module on aliexpress:

High Accuracy And Sensitivity 1-500 MHz Frequency Meter Counter Module



I designed a case using Sketchup.



Sketchup file – front:  freq-counter-case-v2.stl  (size: 71 KB)



Sketchup file – back:  freq-counter-back-v2.stl  (size: 49 KB)



The case was printed in PLA on a Printrbot Metal Plus 3D printer with 100% fill.


Here is the finished printed case that holds the module and 9V battery.







The back is attached with 2-56 x 3/8” machine screws. I used a #50 drill bit to enlarge the holes and ran a 2-56 tap to make the threads.


The finished frequency counter.


I picked up a Telescopic antenna with a SMA male connector from aliexpress.


Telescopic Antenna with SMA male connector



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